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48-kilometer 4-lane expressway that represent a section of Corridors 5 and 6 of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) regional connectivity initiatives

Improved Business Environment for nearly 70 million people, trade between Pakistan and the Central Asian Republics (CARs) is minimal with the expected annual potential of $ 1.5 Billion

KPEC will create an estimated 60,000-100,000 new job opportunities with significant number for women

40% Reduction in travel time for heavy trucks (semi-trailers) between Peshawar and Torkham with an estimated savings of Pkr 18 million in vehicle operating costs and Pkr 35.5 billion cumulative savings in present value terms

54% Reduction in time spent by commercial trucks (all types) crossing into Pakistan at Torkham

500 firms/enterprises benefiting from investments in economic infrastructure financed by the project with 10% women owned/led enterprises

About KPEC

The gateway between Peshawar and Kabul through the historical Khyber Pass has served as a vital route in trade between Afghanistan, Central Asia, and South Asia. The strategic significance of the route has increased in the current scenario due to the landlocked Afghanistan and central Asian republics as well as the changing global dynamics from geo-Politics to geo-economics.Trade Facilitation under the CAREC Regional integration program is one of the primary goals of the project.

Khyber Pass Economic Corridor is one such initiative under CAREC that integrates Afghanistan and CARs with Pakistan to access hot water to enhance and diversify their trade portfolios. KPEC is the corridor 5 & 6 of the CAREC regional integration program where a four lane Peshawar-Torkham expressway (PTEX) will be developed along with a holistic economic development program through the corridor to enhance and diversify trade, improve livelihoods and elevate communities.


Pakistan & Afghanistan has been in turmoil since 1979 due to war and terrorism creating diplomatic unease and economic slowdown. The regional war economy resulted in lack of business enabling eco-system resulting in poverty, decrepit infrastructure and deficient livelihood opportunities. Kabul and Islamabad consistently engaged to create congenial business environment for enhance cross border trade.

CAREC`s regional integration through building road infrastructure to enhance mutual trade amongst countries beyond Afghanistan to CARs resulted in the development of various corridors. Khyber Pass Economic Corridor is highly significant to tap the un-explored markets amongst the partners. KPEC would be instrumental in enabling Peshawar, Kabul and Dushanbe to apprehend its true economic potentials, in cross and inter regional trade. KPEC is thus connecting Central Asia with South Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Secretary Message


The Global integration of South and Central Asia is intertwined with the Khyber Pass which has served as the key node for trade for hundreds of years. With a history spanning over centuries, Khyber Pass encompasses economic, historic and cultural values. Khyber Pass Economic Corridor project in this spirit aims to expand economic activity along the Khyber Pass by improving regional connectivity and promoting private sector development, whilst protecting the archaeological and natural heritage of the region. Khyber Pass Economic Corridor will have multiple benefits for the traders, consumers and even disadvantaged and marginalized commutates of Pakistan, Afghanistan and CARs. KPEC will also facilitate the Afghan students registered in Pakistan Universities as well as medical tourists

The Peshawar -Torkham expressway (PTEX) is a part of Corridor 5 & 6 of the wider CAREC Program to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty amongst the member countries through the shared vision of “Good Neighbors, Good Partners, and Good Prospects.” It is also envisioned that the planned corridor will transform the War economy of the region to a more vibrant, competitive and dynamic landscape to enhance trading and livelihood opportunities for the people of Afghanistan and Newley merged districts. I expect that KPEC will realize the milestones and targets under the CAREC 2030 strategic framework for deepening regional cooperation, integration of national economic value chains into global value chains, institutionalization of policy dialogues and building an inclusive and open society.

Director General Message

Director General

Khyber Pass Economic Corridor is a project of strategic importance to accelerate economy growth and preserve cultural heritage in the bordering countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan & beyond. This flagship joint initiatives is finances by World Bank, the Federal Government of Pakistan and Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The key objectives is to the construction of four lane motorway between Peshawar and Torkham and wider economic program to promote economic clusters, establish economic zones and thrive entrepreneurship.

Khyber Pass has been the traditional trade route between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics but to gauge and explore its true economic potentials road and logistic infrastructure graduation is extremely significant and necessary. Peshawar Torkham Expressway (PTEX) will enhance transportation infrastructure with state-of-the-art networks, logistics and allied facilities to enhance trade and spur economic transformation. KPEC as a part of the CAREC program will provide unprecedented opportunities to Peshawar and Kabul to become as a center for trade and commerce, to leverage their natural endowments for mutual progress.

I expect that the improved and seamless connectivity under KPEC will upsurge people-to-people interaction, trade delegations, economic and commercial activities between the two neighboring countries and beyond. Subsequently, this will create local employment opportunities for the downtrodden people of the region and improve livings.

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