Meeting of the Project Review & Advisory Committee (PRAC) on Module I & II

KPEC through its consulting firm National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. is in the process of preparing a Spatial Master Plan for Greater Western Peshawar (SMP-WGP).NESPAK has conducted and submitted the following two modules:


Module I: Strategic Spatial Diagnostic for Western Greater Peshawar (covering existing Situational  Analysis and production of Base Map)

Module II: Rapid Assessment of Cluster Competitiveness and Opportunities (focusing on Cluster Identification, Selection and Prioritization)

To review and approve Module I and Module II, the meeting of Project Review and Advisory Committee  was convened in Islamabad on September 8, 2023. During the meeting, a detailed presentation on both Modules was given by NESPAK Team. Extensive discussion and deliberation on different aspects of both Modules such as Spatial Analysis, Base Map, Envirenomtal assets, clusters identifcation and priotization, issues and hindrensses of cluster competitiveness in the local, national and regional context and perspective were discussed. The PRAC members gave useful advice and suggestion on Spatial Mapping of the clusters, data synchronization, contextualization of the issues etc. for incorporation and further strengthing of the reports for better outcome in KPEC Development Plan. The suggestions of the PRAC members were diligently recorded for incorporation to enhance the quality of the report meritoriously and effectively.

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